Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Quad

The Quad is a rectangular space of campus defined by eight residence halls, forming somewhat of a neighborhood. The buildings all face inward and have connecting side walks that criss-cross through the space. These buildings are all the same form, all three stories, and not too big. Take the Quad out of its environment and it is still more like a community when compared to the high rises in appearance. Many tall trees live around the buildings within the rectangle creating more of an enclosed feeling; a community is formed. The values of this elite area are seen in the big lawn in the center of the space for recreational purposes, the big porches on all buildings for socializing, and the decorations on the sidewalks. The Quad is known for being home to the fraternity and sorority groups on campus, which is seen in the art on the concrete sidewalks, and around the cigarette buds covering the ground next to the benches. Not all people who live in the Quad are a member of a fraternity or sorority organization, but that is the reputation of the Quad. The location of the Quad on campus shows the balanced value of academics and athletics. From the east side of the Quad you can see the tennis courts, the gym buildings, the soccer field, and the 'golf course'. From the west side, you can see the library, the Caf, the EUC, the Bryan building, and a few other academic buildings in the background.

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  1. good, thorough writing throughout these last three posts. you are able to successfully weave together well-written observation and good photos.