Wednesday, September 16, 2009

College Hill Tate St.

This week we are observing College Hill, the neighborhood to the east of campus. The plan was to go down Tate St to Market St, and then come back down Mendenhall St, but I guess we were slower than Patrick anticipated and only got down Tate St leaving Mendenhall St for tomorrow. The houses found were not very diverse, most looking similar to the one pictured to the left (although very few had shutters). Most were two stories with front porches shaded by tall trees. Wooden siding is the most common material used on the houses on College Hill. I think this says something about the time period when the houses were built; the materials that were available and affordable were used. The first block we walked through had houses with multiple mailboxes, and doorbells, and some with multiple front doors. The second block had similar structures, but more single mailboxes and fewer beer bottles on the porches. The third block was back to looking like there were multiple occupants in the houses, but no evidence of partying. The third block had fewer homes because of an empty field and recreational center on Greensboro College's campus. More houses on the second block did not have driveways. I would assume this is because if only one family lives there instead of five college students, fewer cars are needed. We did come across a few apartment buildings on the second block, and I did not see any parking lots to go with them. Another irregular building in this context was a Baptist Church on the last corner of the first block. The church was made of brick which made it stand out on another level too.

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