Friday, September 11, 2009

The MHRA Building

The MHRA Building, which stands for Moore Humanities & Research Administration, is located on Spring Garden St just past Yum Yum and the Old Towne Tavern. This building was built in the last three years and is beautiful. Especially in comparison to the Bryan Building, this space is much more simple. Housed in this building are classrooms, conference rooms, offices, and administrative offices. The wide array of purposes brings in a wide array of people, showing a new value of having different generations and scholars in one building. The building is bright, and well lit, with a big entrance way that flows inward, making people want to look around. The walls seen in the picture are made of stone, giving the building a trendy, green feel. The ceilings being white lifts the feeling of the area, making the space seem more grand. The layout is very simple. On the first floor you come in and you have the choice of going down the little hall seen in the picture, a longer hall, that is straight as well, or going up stairs; simple. That in itself is a value, simplicity. Clean-cut, easy to maneuver around, well lit, and basic beauty; I cannot think of more I could want from a building.

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