Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Galyon Depot

The Gate City is an accurate title for Greensboro on many levels. Greensboro is connected to the entire world practically. Growing up I always drove through Greensboro on any trip anywhere it seems like. We would get on 421, take it to 40 and then go to Virginia, or the beach, or a volleyball tournament in the eastern side of the state. Last year I was planning my senior trip with my two best friends and we discussed taking a train from Greensboro to New York, and then a flight back here. The only time I have flown over seas I flew out of Charlotte, but since I was with a school group I thought we might have been leaving from Greensboro. I had some trouble finding all the statistics I was looking for, but there are 59 flights out of the Piedmont Triad International Airport, and many incoming and outgoing international.
Evidence of non- Western European culture is all around us. On Tate St alone there are many culturally diverse restaurants. On a deeper level of diversity, there is a Buddhist society in Greensboro. More information can be gathered about this society at You can also buy some Indian groceries at Kashish Food Mart on Battleground ( Other cultures can be found in the Greensboro Cultural Center; learn more by looking at The people of Guilford County can enjoy African Art at the African American Atelier ( There is an Asian market on Colesium Dr (
I chose this picture because it shows travel from the perspective of buying tickets at the ticket booth, waiting in the waiting area, and also the journey that lies ahead when you travel through the perspective the picture was taken.

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