Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Downtown Part I

Here is an example of a stack. Not only is it literally parking lots stacked on top of each other in a single structure, but parking is a pain that takes up valuable space. The area taken up by this parking deck could have been used for more shops or restaurants. No one acknowledges this fact because parking is so valuable, but if you take a step back and look they are ugly and take up space.

This is the window display at a nice jewelry store on Elm. On another window was a sign saying not to trespass during non store hours. The feeling I got from the sign was not one of welcoming arms; I did not want to be invading someone elses turf. In the same way the doors are locked for the dorms to those not wanted inside, the doors to the show room were also locked keeping us out.

The very center of the city of Greensboro is the intersection of Elm St. and Market St. I consider this to be a beat in town. The picture is not focused as I would like it to be on the actual traffic, both motorized and pedestrian, going through the intersection, but it will suffice as a representation. Similar to the intersection on College Ave, this is an important area.

A strip found in the downtown area is basically all of S Elm St is retail; a collection of shops. I would compare this to Tate St on campus. Found in this area are restaurants, clothing and accessories stores, along with jewelry stores, and little knick-knack stores. All of these kinds of stores can be found on our Tate St, although all is on a smaller scale.

The statue of Nathaniel Greene in the traffic circle downtown is an example of an epitome. This historical figure is important as you look back through time in the United States. The statue represents a great leader who rose from the bottom ranks of the military to George Washington's right hand man during the Revolutionary War. I compare this symbol to the Manervastatue on UNCG's campus.

The Linconl Financial Building is the front of downtown Greensboro. This is the building most prominently featured in the skyline. As the biggest building in the city, it represents the strong, prosperous area.

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