Friday, October 9, 2009

The Blandwood Mansion

All semester I have referred to this class as my 'field trip class' because of the unique nature of the course, and this week I really did feel as though I was back in middle school on a field trip to the Blandwood Mansion. I am not saying that in a derogatory manner; I enjoyed the trip very much and learned a lot I didn't even know I didn't know. I had never heard of the Moorehead family, outside of one of my classmates receiving the Moorehead Scholarship for UNC, and they play an interesting role in North Carolina's history.
The two remodels imply the values of aesthetics, and statement making held by the Moorehead family. The family had to uphold a reputation of knowledge and nicer things. Since Mr. Moorehead was governor, the family had to impress many people and present the image of a family able to support a great leader. The choice of the Italianate style is not for convenience or a specific functional purpose, it was simply different from anything else at that point in time.intricatee had intriquate detail in the areas designated for company, and simplicity in the decoration of the rest of the house. I think the people of the city thought the house was gaudy, maybe. They might have thought it was beautiful and similar to a castle of sorts. I could imagine children watching from the property line, gossiping about who they saw on the property and what big name was rumored to be coming next.

The first picture is of the ceiling in the front west parlor, the one used for fancier occasions.

The second is from the children's room, showing the contrast of simplicity.

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  1. interesting reflection on castle-like qualities of the italianate addition.