Friday, October 23, 2009

Downtown Institutions

I lived in Greensboro from 1993-1999. I started school at David D. Jones Elementary School, a Spanish Immersion school near the downtown area. My family lived near the airport, which led to a long bus ride to and from school. The long ride took me through many areas of the city allowing me to say "my bus goes this way" on many occasions, leading to a running joke in my family. I was reminded of this during our walk this past Thursday through the downtown institutions.
I do not remember the route the bus took, or all that I saw everyday, but sometimes I have snap shot memories of certain areas; a cemetery, the railroad tracks near the random field of green grass, or the billboard with all the sequins. One of these specific memories is of the YWCA downtown. I remembered two students getting off the bus at a YMCA with a fence that was right next to the road, and guess what we walked around? that very YWCA.
Another memory drudged up during this stroll downtown was one of me participating in the book walk from before the new library was opened. I thought it was so cool that the community was able to be involved in the move. The whole situation was a win-win because we, the book carriers, got to participate in a part of history, and we were helping the librarians get the book from one location to another. I am sure that between those thoughts there were a few moments of 'Can I sit down? Are we there yet?' and other lines similar to that, but I do remember appreciating what I was a part of. The arches in the picture are what sparked this memory and is where I remember standing while holding the books.

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  1. i love the autobiographical moment. well tied together.