Sunday, November 22, 2009

Splendid Saturday- Roadways

One of our other focuses on our weekend adventure was roadways in Greensboro that we experienced as we traveled from one site to the next. The bigger roads we traversed were Wendover and Interstate 40. Pictured to the left is a section of Wendover and a few of the many car dealerships that line the road. That is what stood out to me the most about this road was just how many car dealerships there are. We also passed a few nicer, newer looking shopping centers along with some gas stations and chain restaurants. The biggest difference between Wendover and Elm St. is the fact that Elm St is meant to be walked. That fact is a result or indication of many differences, like the size of the roads, the stores present along the roads, and the purposes of the roadways.
Battleground feels more like a small interstate highway. The road has exits instead of intersections. There are big billboards as advertisements for different businesses in the area that are basically the only things around the road other than trees. The traffic going in different directions is separated by a median.
The other roadway we observed was Interstate 40 between the mall and the Wendover exit. I believe the presence of the interstate contributes to Greensboro's title as the 'Gate City', providing another connection to many other cities and places. Many billboard advertisements are found along this road along with limited visuals of the businesses themselves when at the right point. As in, when you are driving along the interstate you can see some of the businesses because they have developed along the interstate for convenience to the customers, similarly to towns being formed around water sources because of the convenience there.

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