Monday, November 30, 2009

Every college campus is a city of sorts in itself. As we looked at UNCG at the beginning of the semester, I looked at Greensboro College's campus to find out how they compared and what I could conclude from simply walking around on my own. I found that not having a tour guide left me with a few unanswered questions right then, but I turned to research to gain the knowledge on my own. This project was a challenge for me to show what I have learned, to go into an area we did not go into deep discussion about and figure out what that built environment had to tell me. This is what I heard as I walked along the brick walkways on the campus...
Pictured below I have the fronts, beats, centers, students, campus boundaries, and student centers. I will discuss these in my presentation on Thursday. I will go further in detail about the specifics of the populations and demographics of each school. I will talk about the physical buildings at Greensboro College and what they told me, along with what the lay out of the campus had to say. I will discuss the international students and programs along with the off campus things each academy has to offer.

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