Sunday, November 22, 2009

Splendid Saturday- Retail

Last Saturday the class decided to meet in order to knock out a few areas of town in one day. We started our weekend field trip at Friendly Shopping Center, an older strip mall off of Friendly Ave. This shopping center is comprised of many smaller stores focused toward middle class families. The anchor stores are Macy's and Belk with other stores like Limited, Justice, Accesories & More, Banana Republic, Gymboree, and Toys & Company. Some businesses we found that I did not expect to see and thought seemed out of place were the Mexican restaurant and bar, Len's Crafters, and Carolina Bank along with RBC Centura. The stores were situated in a rough square surrounding the main parking area. The parking lot in the middle seemed improportional to the shops because the opposite sides were so far apart. Maybe if the store fronts had been bigger or taller I would not have felt this way, but it just looks like a really long, simple outdoor shopping center. There is a walkway down the middle of the parking lot at two separate locations for pedestrians which are nice. Along the winding walkways are tables with umbrellas for people to rest under.
Another retail center we visited was the Four Seasons Town Center, or the Greensboro mall. The shops offered at this location seem to be higher end. The target market for these stores is all over the charts; there is a store for everyone. This location is much more easily located from the interstate and seems to be a place where individuals can waste time more than Friendly Center.

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